A magical world is looking for a new home:

  • 9 unique characters making up a large Japanese family
  • 4 game levels
  • Original sound theme and sound effects
  • Full iOS and Android source code
  • Exclusive copyright
Buy for only 4 BTC
A publisher
Use Sudoku Yatta! to expand your portfolio. Or customize it by adding micro-payments or new levels. Get creative!
A developer
Use Sudoku Yatta! as the basis and build upon it as you deem necessary. Or take the characters and create your own game in the Yatta universe or any other setting.
A producer of children’s games
Take Sudoku Yatta! and turn it into your new products: ABC’s, counting games, interactive coloring books, and so forth.
A manufacturer of children’s products
Launch a line of drinking yoghurts with unique flavors. 9 characters – 9 flavors. Complement it with a collection of magnets or action figures.
Seeking an idea for a new cartoon series
You don’t need to invent a new Dora / Dasha the Traveler. We have ready characters for you!

The offer includes:

  • Exclusive copyright for the game and game characters
  • 150 source files with designs and graphics
  • 85 files with iOS and Android source code
  • 25 audio files (main music theme, sound effects)
We will provide our copyright transfer agreement or sign yours

9 unique characters

A Japanese family with a story to tell. Everyone is a unique personality.

UI Kit

Meticulously designed UI elements

4 game levels

Highly-detailed UI elements
Minka — Japanese house
Suiden — Rice field
Karesansui — Rock garden
Otagi Nenbutsu-Ji — Buddhist temple

Exclusive copyright for Sudoku Yatta!

  • 9 unique characters and 4 game levels
  • 150 source files with designs and in-game graphics
  • 85 files with iOS and Android source code
  • 25 audio files (main theme, sound effects)
Buy for 4 BTC